The Road to Menton: Taking the high road (literally) – 25 June

Menton, France – Eat, Drink, and Taunt us with French atmosphere

They survived, and have completed the ride – almost –they have found another ‘hill’ to ride up;  they will call this their “warm-down” ride.

I had a Skype from Pat this morning – drinking wine with Laetitia – seriously unfair of them to taunt me so early in the morning with wine and French “I-am-having-a-good-time” atmosphere. Somewhere in the conversation Pat mentioned his next ride and a visit to the Menton Town Hall with Martini Jean Baptiste, Co-président en charge de l’administratif, Rugby Club Menton Webb Ellis.


Pat Nolan and Laetitia Bèle – Menton, France 26.06.14

The final blog, which will appear in the next few days, will close off this part of the story with photos of the final ride, a visit to the Menton Town Hall to hand over the Rue Webb Ellis sign, and one final comment from Pat and Garry.

NOTE: Brought to my attention yesterday, while I was working out at the gym with Pania Hudson, is the need for explanation of the following words -Rue, Webb and Ellis, and how these words are connected to Pat Nolan, Garry Buys, Menton France, and Rugby:
(i) “Rue” is French for “Street”;
(ii) “Webb” is the middle name of the legendary (possibly, mythical) inventor of Rugby and Ellis is his last name, i.e. William Webb Ellis (and Name of Rugby World Cup);
(iii) “Menton France”, is the resting place W. W Ellis; and
(iv) Menton France is where the Sign originated.

**I hope this clarifies things for you Holly Lynch**

Pat and Holly final day of training 11.6.14

Pat and Holly final day of training 11.6.14


2 thoughts on “The Road to Menton: Taking the high road (literally) – 25 June

  1. Today is a handicap race up de La Madone after which Lance Armstrong named his bike Trek – Madone. The handicaps are set against groups members time up Alpe De Huez! I decided not to race. When asked would I have ridden if not a race, John Goldsmith was quick to respond as follows: Tim (mountains goat climber) if you were Pat and could choose sweating up Madone of going out with this beautiful French woman Latetia what would YOU do? Looking forward to my day out.


  2. And simply, I had a delightful time with Laetitia Belet – drinking fine wine and French food to die for on the Riveria by the Mediterranean sea! Bon Jour 🙂


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